iBadge’s Moti-badge

Let's present iBadge's Moti badge

Yes, it's perfectly possible: a badge used as a motivational incentive! 

You can't deny it, an embroidered emblem is a chic gadget. In the world of fashion and sport, we all use them to pimp out jumpers, hoodies, hats, handbags, etc.

Where a club badge was once only a fixture on sports shirts, today's applications are endless. The fashion world has adopted the badge as an expressive symbol. As a result, our product has become a favourite gadget for young and not so young alike.

Encouraging members, evaluating goals and guiding challenges with your inexhaustible enthusiasm is probably also one of your hobbyhorses. Motivation is what gets and keeps people moving. Rewarding a successful training session or tournament, a milestone, the figurative (and sometimes literal) bar reached with a unique embroidered MOTI badge, it's all possible.

Take a moment and think about this original, fresh vision! Once your new plan is on the table, you can be sure of one thing: The members will be eager to 'earn' the next level. You surely know from experience, often those little nudges are the most valuable to get the most out of your sportsmen and women. The fact that the emblems are completely made to your size/club/sport makes them all the more valuable and honourable.

Being a trainer or coach probably worries you from time to time, we are convinced that we can work out an ideal route together with you. We do not stay on the sidelines but are ready to help you visualise your goal. Our personal service is one of the core values our customers appreciate most. Be sure to check out the Kyoh review page on our site.

If we can contribute our creativity to a part of this beautiful sporting puzzle, then we can only be very happy and enthusiastic about it. We have the necessary graphic knowledge to coach you and your club to a successful result. Together, we take up the challenge and are only satisfied when you are.

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